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The foundation stone for the company we know today as Schneiders Bekleidung Gmbh was laid in 1946 by the Schneiders Mantelfabrik in Salzburg.

True to its motto "EVERYWHERE AT HOME", the company produces stylish, exclusive fashions that span the range between traditional and modern, with a quality that is always exceptional.

"Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg", a name with a historical ring under which a third line, entitled "Noblesse Oblige", was presented in 1992 , the embodiment of exclusive society clothing and an exquisite lifestyle.


Laksen Limited Edition is an exclusive range of high-quality shooting clothes.

The range comprises a complete attire with accessories for women and men for shooting sport in all kinds of weather.

Each garment is made strictly in 100 individually numbered pieces only.

The range is completely renewed every year.

We also stock coats by Schöffel and Coastal & Sea, information for whom can be found on this site.

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