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The Gurteen range combines their tried and tested 'winners' with an injection of current trend.

A clean cut formality makes these elegant clothes a perfect indulgence for a variety of occasions. If asked for feedback, most of their customers would likely say that they are very commercial.

Many of their lines are stock backed and can be delivered within 24 hrs if required.

We also stock a seasonal range from Oakman as well as Baden Blazers.


Carters Countrywear is a "Premium Dealer" for Laksen.

Laksen Limited Edition is an exclusive range of high-quality shooting clothes.

The range comprises a complete attire with accessories for women and men for shooting sport in all kinds of weather.

Each garment is made strictly in 100 individually numbered pieces only.

The range is completely renewed every year.


Why blend in? In a world where the idea of a dress code is considered almost anachronistic and smart casual is as good as it is ever likely to get, Bladen Original may be the answer you are looking for.

The Bladen Original range of jackets, blazers and covert coats, especially when paired with flannels and cord trousers, provides the sartorial flexibility to handle the vast majority of social situations.

With beautiful tweeds, fine tailoring and considerable exclusivity, all combined with truly British heritage, Bladen Original really does live up to its name.

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